Natal Astrology

The natal birth chart is a map of the planets in our Solar System at the moment of birth, outlining our potential, challenges and talents. This is the basic chart from which all others are calculated.


Ongoing planetary cycles (progressions and transits) and Solar Returns are two of the many methods utilized in astrology to update the chart and delve into current patterns and cycles being experienced. This session will take the individual ahead about 12 months.


Astrology can provide insight into vocational options and career turning points in your life.


Specialised Reports

Children's Charts 

Your child's chart describes talents and personality as well as the way the he/she perceives the parents. It can also indicate the most favorable educational environment for the child. 

Asteroid Goddesses

The four main goddess points in the chart are Juno, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres. Other goddess points include Iris, Hygeia, and Psyche. The Goddess Report will detail and interpret your personal goddess points, with illustrated text focusing on their myths and meaning.

Solar Returns

Each year when the Sun returns to its natal place (your birthday) this provides an opportunity to look at the coming year, using an ancient Babylonian method of forecasting. Relocating for your Solar Return can change the energies and influences for the year.

Computer Chart Service

A computer-generated report of any of the services offered can be provided without consultation. This is a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your personal chart generated with the assistance of specialised computer software.


Information required to draw up your birth chart

You will need to provide your name, date of birth, place and time of birth. You may obtain your birth time by requesting a copy of your birth certificate from the hospital of your birth. Contact the hospital's Medical Registrar.


Privacy Statement
All personal details are handled in the strictest confidence and comply with the FAA Code of Ethics.