The Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc is a non-profit non-sectarian and non-political body, formed in 1970 to promote friendly contact between astrologers throughout Australia. It supports a National Code of Ethics for astrologers, conducts examinations and encourages and publishes the results of research in all fields of astrology. As a professional association it strives for the highest possible standards of astrological expertise and professional behaviour and promotes the expansion of astrological knowledge in order that the general public is accurately informed about astrological practices. It was formed in 1970 and incorporated in 1995.
The Association of Professional Astrologers Inc (Australia) is an organisation that serves the needs of the Professional Astrologers of Australasia. It is committed to the development and maintenance of best practice in the astrological field through the promotion of strong educational standards, professional competency, ethical understanding and integrity. and
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